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Kamis, 26 Agustus 2010

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hemmm..........tak kan terlupakan segala kenangan indah dengan teman2 yang kan selalu ku rindukan, seakan ingin ku mengulangya kembali.....!!!!


Jumat, 20 Agustus 2010

SPECIAL NOTE TO ADVENTUREQUEST PLAYERS: If you already have an AdventureQuest account, you can log in and play WarpForce using your AQ username and password! To get the special $10 WarpGuardian discount if you are an AQ player, you must have a Guardian character on the same account you are getting a WarpGuardian upgrade on.

-- Go to the planet Errakis and learn the secret of Spyse while facing down giant Doon Worms! (Dr. Mendas in SickBay)
-- Gravlax's time machine has yanked a pilot from 500 years in the past into-- the present! And his name is Bork Dodgers! (General Stormfront on the Hangar Deck)
-- Bork Dodger's raygun!
-- DuneWarrior battlesuit!
-- Doon Dagger!
--Level cap increase: Free Players can level to 61 and WarpGuardians can level to 78!
A brand new adventure from the team who runs the original AdventureQuest. Join the WarpForce and explore the galaxy while battling the evil alien force known as THE NETWORK. Login with your existing AdventureQuest account and create a new human, drakel, or elf character to begin your adventure. You can play a wide variety of BattleTypes including armored cannonwielder, witty space rogue, quick-fisted ninja, genius cyber tech and more. Level up, train your stats and obtain new weapons, pets, battlesuits, skills & techs!

UPDATE!: The August Update is live! Face giant Desert Worms on the planet Doon and meet a hero from the past named Bork Dodgers! PLUS: The level caps have been raised to Level 61 for free players and level 78 for WarpGuardians!

SPECIAL OFFER! If you are an AQ Guardian, DragonFable DragonLord, MechQuest Star Captain, or an AQ Worlds Member, you can get a $10 discount on the WarpGuardian upgrade in WarpForce here!

GAME HINT: Defeat Tronzor the Trainer on the VR Deck to train your stats. Increasing your stats will help you make more effective use of your skills and items!

Find WarpForce wallpapers here!

WarpForce Music
The music in game was created by players on the forums! A special congratulations to Lkeas and the other winners of the Temura's Song contest! Stay "tuned" for the next song contest and your chance to get your music inside WarpForce!
Ongoing updates!
As you know, WarpForce is our first expansion. It was built on the same engine as the original AdventureQuest by the same great team! We are going to build 100 levels of adventure into the farthest reaches of space on an ongoing release schedule. Updates for expansions will not be weekly. I know you think we are crazy, but we are not THAT crazy! Expect WarpForce to have a major release and a level cap raise once per month in addition to AdventureQuest's weekly releases. Join us as a massive galaxy-shattering story unfolds!
About the Team
Who is building WarpForce? Believe it or not, every member of the WF team started on the forums as an AdventureQuest player. They got involved and went above and beyond eventually earning a place on the AE Team. Hollow, Reverendwyrm, & Arklen did the Art and Animation. Captain Rhubarb, Westwind, Kalanyr & Yagno did the programming. The writing was done by Falerin and Aelthai, LordBarrius, Genoclysm, In Media Res and Asenbesen did stats/items/testing. Randor the Red created the graphics for the website. The project lead of both AdventureQuest and WarpForce is Galanoth. Be sure to post your ideas on the suggestions threads and get involved too!

EPIC DUEL (online)

MECHQUEST (game online)

Rabu, 18 Agustus 2010

Play MechQuest on FaceBook Here!
Win an iPad!
Complete a Super Rewards offer between now and Sept. 6th and be intered to win an iPad! Check out the details Here!
Star Captain Upgrade!
Upgrade your account with a one-time only payment and unlock exclusive areas, weapons, mecha models and more!
Denara Firefox Browser Skin!
If you have Personas for Firefox, you can deck out your browser with our awesome new MechQuest Firefox Skin! Get it Here!
EpicDuel Epic Duel!
EpicDuel is now live for all players! Congratulations everyone! EpicDuel our new purely PvP game, has just gone live allowing ALL players to create accounts and play. Varium is now available! See the official site for more.
DG Dragonguard Bonus!
An ancient order of galactic guardians has been reborn! Back in the days when Dragons roamed the galaxy, an elite group of mecha warriors fought at their sides! The Dragonguard were some of the most fearsome warriors in the history of MechQuest and they have returned to fight for honor and glory! The Dragonguards earned their mechas one piece at a time through their loyal dedication to the order. Now, you too will be able to build your own Dragonguard mecha one piece at a time! For every 6 months that you have been an upgraded Star Captain, a new piece will become available to you! You will also receive 10,000 Nova Gems and a new Dragonguard Rank for your Character pages! Each Dragonguard Upgrade will cost $19.95! To see if you are eligible for one of our Dragonguard bonuses, check our upgrade pages.
XBoost Power up with X-Boost!
X-Boost Upgrades are special NovaBoost items that give you 10% extra Credits and Experience for every battle! Get your's NOW at Tek's Mechs in Soluna City!
Safiria Soluna City Art Museum!
Visit Circe in Soluna West at the Art Museum! Click the link she gives you to get to the MechQuest Art Museum submissions forum to participate!  YOUR artwork could be selected to be put on display for a month!
Safiria Yokai Playable Mechas!
You will be able to purchase the Supreme Master and the Dragon Spirit mechas as non-equippable player models on Yokai! Visit Miko in front of the Dojo. Don't forget, you must have defeated the Supreme Master to have access to these Mechs.
Robina Yokai City Reclaimed!
You are now free to walk around the reclaimed City on Yokai! Aiding Miko, Tenjin, and the Rebels as you worked together to defeat the Supreme Master has earned you their trust, and you are now free to walk around the City!
Robina Defeat the Supreme Master!
Last week, the hostile gang members attempted to prevent you and the Rebel Camp members from getting any closer to the Supreme Master, but with your skills and persistence aiding the cause, you broke through their ranks! Visit Miko at the Dojo to find out more, and to search for the Supreme Master.
Robina War on Yokai!
The hostile gang members are massing together in great numbers at the Temple of Masters to prevent you from getting any closer to the Supreme Master. This means WAR!
Robina New: Story Checklist!
See the News Screen in Soluna City for the new "Story" button!  This opens up a checklist, personalized for YOUR character, to keep you updated on the storyline progression requirements as you move through the game.
Robina MechQuest Artbook
On Sale NOW!
GET THE ARTBOOK HERE! The Artbook is on sale now! This is SO Exciting! It is our first Art Book Ever! It is literally exploding with artwork from J6, Thyton, Oishii, Miltonius, Johnny Atomic and more! Here is a link to a preview of the back cover!
  • 120+ pages of full color Mecha insanity
  • A How to Draw Section by Thyton and Oishii
  • Behind the scenes & Doom to Come
  • BONUS: Includes a unique code on the inside cover that unlocks the exclusive Skullcrusher armor in AQWorlds (and the Skulcrusher Mecha in MechQuest)
WFLogo WarpForce
The Official Expansion to AdventureQuest is Here!
WarpForce is a brand new adventure from the team who runs the original AdventureQuest. Join the WarpForce and explore the galaxy while battling the evil alien force known as THE NETWORK. Login with your existing AdventureQuest account and create a new human, drakel, or elf character to begin your adventure. You can play a wide variety of BattleTypes including armored cannonwielder, witty space rogue, quick-fisted ninja, genius cyber tech and more. Level up, train your stats and obtain new weapons, pets, battlesuits, skills & techs! WarpForce will be available to upgraded players from ALL of our major games for $9.95 (normal upgrade price is $19.95).
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Show your loyalty to the dark side with one of our ultra-cool Shadowscythe T-Shirts! As an added bonus, each t-shirt comes with a code to redeem a free prize in each of our three games, MechQuest AdventureQuest and DragonFable! The MechQuest rewards is of course the AWESOME (and upgradable) Sepulchure mecha model :

ALIEN HIVE (online)

 Play game ALIEN HIVE ini sekarang.....gratiss!!


Play game turbo racing ini sekarang........gratiss!!

Adventure Quest Worlds (online)

AdventureQuest Worlds MMORPG

A massively multiplayer game that plays online with Flash right inside your web browser. No software to download or install -- and this MMO is free! Battle monsters in real-time RPG combat alongside your friends. Check out the screenshots and then see what chaos and insanity is in development now on Artix & Cysero's design notes.

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Become a member and you will get access to member-only exclusive classes, weapons, areas, shops, quests and special pets... including Dragons which can be turned into a Dracolich!

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Friday the 13th Event!

Featuring George Lowe, One Eyed Doll & Voltaire!!!!!

Happening right now. Wow.... only one Friday the 13th this year? This calls for a HUGE special event! We should do something we have never done before. Oooh... how about we go on a camping trip, in a haunted forest, and roast marshmellows around a fire... and tell ANYTHING GOES GHOST STORIES that we play as full quests!?!?
Read more on the Design Notes
Official Event Page

PvP for ALL players!

Bludrot Brawl map is now live

In celebration of EpicDuel's successful gamma release (happening right now), we are celebrating by releasing the Player-vs-Player map, Bludrut Brawl! Choose your favorite Class, gear up with your best enhancements and show your friends how fast your hp can hit 0 when a stampede of players from the other team finds you alone in their boss room. Do not forget to obtain and equip a PvP Amulet -- they increase your health A LOT when you are in any PvP map. Remember, be kind and honorable... a true champion has both a leet character and a leet heart!
Read more on the Design Notes

Win an iPad

SuperRewards, the company that provides the 3rd party offers for AdventureCoins, is giving our players of our games a chance to Win an iPad. (Age 13+ only)

DragonLord, StarLord, Guardian

Master 3 new Classes!

Your wait is finally over! The DragonLord, StarLord, and Guardian Classes have been added to the Verification Shops in the Guardian Tower! All 3 Classes are NON MEMBER but the only way to get them is by verifying your upgraded accounts in DragonFable, MechQuest, or the original AdventureQuest.
Read more on the Design Notes


Guard your Dragons from DEATH

Dragon pets are often Dracolich Petavailable in Aria's shop. Beware friends. There is a rumor that Death itself is roaming our world for some mysterious purpose. Whatever you do... do not let him touch your pet Dragon with his skeletal hand. Pet... Dracolich!?

Want more bag space?

You can now permenantly add up to 40 more slots in your backpack, 20 more to your bank or 20 more to your housing items. Talk to Valencia in the town of Battleon. AdventureCoins are now available via the upgrade page.

Get Wallpapers

Grab our newest wallpapers, created by Randor the Red at our official Wallpaper site.

MechQuest Artbook

120+ pages of MechQuest madness. Also includes a code which unlocks an exclusive armor in AQWorlds.

The AQWorlds Battle Bar

Get the ultimate AQW player's browser tool. It displays your gold, ac, and allows you to instantly access your friends list and character page. The best part is, the search feature will earn you AdventureCoins!
Get the AQworlds Tool Bar

Referred Friends earn you EXP and Gold!

Would you like your friends and family to earn you some gold and exp while you are offline? Check out our brand new refer-a-friend system. It is surprisingly fair and you can even earn AdventureCoins!
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DRAGON FABLE (games online)

What is DragonFable?
DragonFable is an animated fantasy RPG (It has Dragons!) that you can create a free account and play using your web browser. Each week we (Artix, Cysero, Zhoom, Geo, Alina, Ghost, J6, Thyton, Rolith, and the DF Team) add new original content based on the suggestions of you (hopefully) and your fellow players as we evolve our ongoing storyline. DragonFable is free to play, but if you like what we are doing you can help support the game by upgrading with a powerful Dragon Amulet unlocking exclusive areas and powerful items.

Train your dragon!HAPPENING NOW! You are the hero of DragonFable, and by your side stands your valiant companion, your dragon! If you haven't gotten your dragon companion yet, find out how to train your dragon from a hatchling to titan-sized and fulfill your destiny of saving the world!

Friday the 13th!
HAPPENING NOW! War is upon is! A mysterious outbreak of Zards threatens Moonridge and the rest of Lore! Log in now to fight back waves of angry Zards and help the Zardhunter, Irwin Dundee, try to discover where this invading species originated.
Check out the special ZardSlayer weapon shop at Irwins camp! For just a few DC you can get bonus damage to Zards!

Moonridge Awaits!
The path through Valencia's zone, east of Falconreach, has been expanded and the town of Moonridge awaits! Visit the varied shops of this bustling trading post or visit Captain Viamat in the DragonFang Inn to accept a mission of the behalf of the Moonridge Knights! Just be very careful... lots of creepy stuff seems to be moving around in the woods there....

 Best Buy Upgrade Sale!
From now until August 21st, your local Best Buy will have Artix Entertainment upgrade cards at a 10% discount! Using the card from Best Buy also allows you to wield the awesome Best Scythe, a powerful weapon in the hands of any class. You can get your very only Dragon Amulet for $17.95!

 Free Fall
Talk to Nythera to begin your quest into the Underworld in search of Azhura, your dragon ancestor. She will teach you your Void skills!
The investigation of the Broken Tower of Bask has provided some new clues about Vilmor and the fact that other evil forces may be at work. Can you escape Bask intact? Or will you end up buried in the mystery there too... Log in now and find out!

 The Broken Tower
Visit Doyle in Dragonsgrasp to begin your investigation of the Broken Tower of Bask! Watch your step though... the broken walls continue to crumble and block off rooms! Can you gather all the clues inside the tower and figure what they mean? Log in now to find out!

 Nythera Faces a Tiny Terror
Talk to Nythera to continue the Rise of the DragonMage Saga! She'll face off against a never-before-seen Void monster (awww, so disgustingly adorable!) at the behest of Elysia's parents, the DragonLords.
Visit Ash to check out the new random coral reef dungeon! It drops a huge assortment of items as well releveled versions of some classic DF weapons.

 The Ruins of Bask
HAPPENING NOW! As the city of Dragonsgrasp begins to stabilize it's time to head out after Vilmor! Doyle sends you to the ruins of Bask, the very place where Vilmor, literally, fell and the last place the Great Ice Dragon was seen. Will you catch up with the rogue DragonLord? Or will something more sinister catch up with you.... Log in now to continue the epic story!
Nythera journeys deeper into the void as Alina continues the storyline! The next quest sees the Purple Mage's powers continue to grow, but will it be enough?  New weapons from Lim will be dropping from this quest!

The Blue Mile
HAPPENING NOW! Visit Doyle in Dragonsgrasp for the next quest in the epic Vilmor Saga. The prisoners are rioting and a guard is trapped inside! Can you find him before the prisoners do? Log in now to defeat Thugs and Bandits and recover clues about Vilmor and the escape! Oh... and watch out for Jingles!
Karina has a new bounty for all you monster hunters. Visit her in Hunter's Paradise and quest for the dangerous undersea Nautiloid!

 Cysero needs your help!
HAPPENING NOW! The newest Clashening quest is here,! Talk to Lim in Falconreach to help Cysero do MAGIC! He'll need you to head to Dragesvard and bring back ice monster parts in order to complete his spell. What will he make? You'll have to play to see!
And be sure to check out the Liberty Rares and Liberty Days shops in Falconreach! They're chock-full of new and old weapons, helms, and a trinket!


Jumat, 06 Agustus 2010

diambil dari milis yang gw ikutin.. pertama liat gw merasa, ya paling ini sebuah artikel biasa aja tetapi kalo udah dibaca ternyata cukup mengharukan dan menyentuh hati, maka gw pikir ada baiknya juga gw salin ke blog ini, artikel ini gw persembahkan buat teman-teman semua..

Apa yang kita alami demi teman kadang-kadang melelahkan
dan menjengkelkan, tetapi itulah yang membuat persahabatan
mempunyai nilai yang indah.

Persahabatan sering menyuguhkan beberapa cobaan, tetapi
persahabatan sejati bisa mengatasi cobaan itu bahkan
bertumbuh bersama karenanya…

Persahabatan tidak terjalin secara otomatis tetapi
membutuhkan proses yang panjang seperti besi menajamkanbesi,
demikianlah sahabat menajamkan sahabatnya. Persahabatan
diwarnai dengan berbagai pengalaman suka dan duka, dihibur-disakiti,
diperhatikan-dikecewakan, didengar-diabaikan, dibantu-ditolak,
namun semua ini tidak pernah sengaja dilakukan
dengan tujuan kebencian.Seorang sahabat tidak akan menyembunyikan kesalahan
untuk menghindari perselisihan, justru karena kasihnya
ia memberanikan diri menegur apa adanya.

Sahabat tidak pernah membungkus pukulan dengan ciuman,
tetapi menyatakan apa yang amat menyakitkan
dengan tujuan sahabatnya mau berubah.

Proses dari teman menjadi sahabat membutuhkan usaha
pemeliharaan dari kesetiaan, tetapi bukan pada saat kita
membutuhkan bantuan barulah kita memiliki motivasi
mencari perhatian, pertolongan dan pernyataaan kasih
dari orang lain, tetapi justru ia beriinisiatif memberikan
dan mewujudkan apa yang dibutuhkan oleh sahabatnya.

Kerinduannya adalah menjadi bagian dari kehidupan sahabatnya,
karena tidak ada persahabatan yang diawali dengan sikap egoistis.
Semua orang pasti membutuhkan sahabat sejati,
namun tidak semua orang berhasil mendapatkannya.
Banyak pula orang yang telah menikmati indahnya persahabatan, namun
ada juga yang begitu hancur karena dikhianati sahabatnya.

Beberapa hal seringkali menjadi penghancur
persahabatan antara lain :
1. Masalah bisnis UUD (Ujung-Ujungnya Duit)
2. Ketidakterbukaan
3. Kehilangan kepercayaan
4. Perubahan perasaan antar lawan jenis
5. Ketidaksetiaan.
Tetapi penghancur persahabatan ini telah berhasil dipatahkan
oleh sahabat-sahabat yang teruji kesejatian motivasinya.

Ini gw berikan suatu ilustrasi tentang pentingnya sebuah persahabatan, terserah mau komentar apa tentang ilustrasi berikut ini [sumber gambarnya lupa]

Nah bagaimana sikap teman-teman dalam menyingkapi sebuah persahabatan? kalo menurut lirik lagu sindentosca yang berjudul kepompong, persahabatan itu..

persahabatan bagai kepompong merubah ulat menjadi kupu-kupu
Persahabatan bagai kepompong Hal yang tak mudah berubah jadi indah
Persahabatan bagai kepompong Maklumi teman hadapi perbedaan


Selamat datang di memory alumni smk n 1 Bulukerto 2010 "low temen2 pya file kenag-kenagan di masa sekolah kirim ke e-mail q ea.....!! qterbitin deeeehhhhHH"